Nabhinews For Government Employees Annual Subscription




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Author(s) Nabhi Board of Editors
Year Of Publication 2019
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The main features of this Nabhinews include: Latest Government of India Orders and Decisions; Case Law Section containing Significant Judicial Pronouncements Made by the Supreme Court, CAT and other Judicial Fora; Informative Articles Providing a Thoughtful Insight Into the Subject; and Multiple Choice Questions Based on New Developments Taking Place in the Field of Service, Rules, Specially for the Requirement of Departmental Exams. The Contents of the Newsletter are Expected to be of Immense use for the Staff of all Government Establishments and Organisations Functioning Thereunder, as well as for Those Preparing for Various Recruitment Departmental Examinations.


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Nabhinews For Government Employees Annual Subscription

Nabhinews For Government Employees Annual Subscription

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